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Keane Fanfic

I don't know if any of you write fanfic, but I'm working on one about Keane. It involves a girl going to a Keane concert and getting very lucky. Read it below if you'd like.

She played Keane all day at work, basking in each hour that went by, knowing she was getting increasingly closer to seeing one of her favorite bands play and the guy she was becoming obsessed with.
She rushed home, with three hours to get ready, but feeling like even that could never be enough time. After all, she had to shower, dry and straighten her
hair, put on makeup, get dressed, and maybe eat if she wasn’t too excited. She did all this while listening to “Hopes and Fears” and it only took an hour and a half, because she changed ten or eleven times and redid her makeup twice. She also wasted some time by pretending she was Tom, singing “Bend and Break” and by practicing her “hello, nice to meet you”s for Richard and his bandmates. She still had an hour and a
half, but what to do with it? She sat around and watched some tv, trying to forget about the clock, but she kept checking it every two minutes anyway. 5:34, 5:36, 5:38, she had to do something! Her friends wouldn’t even be there for another hour. She tried eating, but she couldn’t. Her stomach was fluttering and her blood was having a party rushing through her.

Tom was starting some vocal warm ups onstage, wondering where Tim and Richard were. Rich came pretty soon, and asked where Tim was. Tom shrugged and got back to task. Rich adjusted the drums and jammed a little bit. “Hey Tom, you wanna do a run?” “K, let’s wait for Tim though,” he replied, letting his hand slip from the microphone stand. “I’m gonna look for him.” “Allright.” Richard looked out at the sea of
seats and remembered the night before. His girlfriend had come on tour with them and last night, after their show, he broke it off. “Hey,” Tim said, coming center stage with Tom. “What’s up?” “He’s thinking about Penelope,” Tom said, reading his friend’s expression. “Sorry mate.” “Yeah, she was horrible last night... Ok, let’s get started.” They practiced “Bedshaped” and “She Has No Time” before going backstage to chill out for a while and prepare themselves for the show.
When the boys came back onstage, they were welcomed by many screaming fans. In the front row was a beautiful girl who seemed very calm though she was enjoying herself greatly. As soon as Tom opened his mouth, she looked like she was being transported to somewhere beautiful and strange.
Shari clutched her friend’s arm, pointing at Richard and screaming, “Oh my God, look, it’s him! It’s really Richard! I could touch him!” But when Tom started
singing, she found it hard not to look at him. Although she never thought he was particularly good looking in pictures, when he was singing, even just in a music video, he was oddly very attractive. His boyish face looked somewhat more manly and there was a mature, sensitive sexiness in his smooth and angelic voice. Shari felt like she was melting when he looked at her while he was singing. She forgot all about Richard for most of the concert.
Tom found something in Shari’s eyes, something he connected to. She understood his music and therefore his soul. He loved her reaction when he sang to her so much that after “Can’t Stop Now,” he consulted with his band members and asked her to come onstage.
Shari thought she was going to have a heart attack! Tom hopped down from his platform and took her hand. “Hi, I’m Tom,” he said in a shy, charming British accent. “Hi,” she whispered. “What’s your name?” he asked. “Shari.” “Shari...that’s lovely.” “Thank you.” “This is Shari everybody. She’s gonna tell us what her favorite Keane song is,” he said into the mic. She went right up to it and said, “Everybody’s Changing.” Tom got her a chair, nodded to the boys, and sang her favorite song to her. He came very close to her so they could sing the chorus together and noticed her
staring at his lips. He smiled as the song came to a close and put the mic back in its stand, glancing at her. She didn’t know what it was, but she felt very self-conciouss all of a sudden, kind of ashamed, kind of like she shouldn’t flirt with him. Like she didn’t
really want to anymore. He was a cool guy and everything, and a few moments ago, he seemed like the sexiest thing around, but now she looked at Richard and found herself back in love with him. Tom sang to the crowd for a while, but he was addicted to the love that came through Shari’s eyes when she heard his voice. She was truly in love with it, it was the main reason she couldn’t get enough of Keane. She smiled at
him while he sang their last number, the mega-hit “Somewhere Only We Know.”
After they were done, Tom asked Shari to come hang out with them backstage. “Sure!” she said. “Can my friends come too?” “Yeah, bring them along too,” he said. “Here, just show them this when you come backstage,” he said, handing her his pass. “I’ll wait for you over here.” He couldn’t wait. This girl was gorgeous in every way.
She ran to her friends who screamed and hugged her and hit her, saying, “What happened? What did they say? What was it like?” “Not now guys, Tom is watching. Be cool.” “He’s totally checking you out, Shari! He was staring at you the whole time!” “Really? Oh my God, is he looking now?” “No.” She turned to see him standing next to Tim, talking about something(her) which seemed to make him quite happy. “Well they want us all to come chill with them backstage,” she finally told her friends. “What? Are you serious?” her friend Julia said. She nodded. “Do you mind if I hit on Tom then?” “No, please, you definitely know I’m in love with Richard. I don’t like Tom.” “Really? Cos it looked differently when you were up there…” they teased. As Shari looked at him right now, she knew how she really felt, “Naw, Tom’s not my type I guess.” “What? Cute? Smart? Charming? Gorgeous voice? Sensitive? Poetic? Romantic? British? That sounds exactly like your type. But if you wanna let me have him, that’s fine with me!” She laughed and brought her friends backstage with her.
Tom was not interested in Shari’s friends at all. And Richard just plain wasn’t interested. He looked really sad, so Shari asked Tom what was going on with him.
“Oh, his girl made him redundant a while ago, so he’s just a bit shirty today.” She nodded then looked at her friends with a very confused expression. “I’m sorry, what does that mean exactly?” “Oh,” Tom laughed at himself and their different ways of speaking. “Make redundant means to lay off or break up with, and shirty is in a bad mood.” “Oh. Thanks,” she laughed a little uncomfortably, but Tom was looking at her like she could never get any better. “So what about you Tom? Do you have a girlfriend?” Julia asked suggestively. He chuckled and shook his head, “But there is someone I’m interested in,” he looked at Shari, who blushed and stood a little farther from him. He was sweet though… Richard walked out of the room and sat on a couch
alone. Shari followed, knocking softly on the door. “Hi,” she said. “Oh, hello. I just came in here to-“ “Be alone?” He nodded. “I just wanted to say I heard about your girlfriend and I’m sorry. She must be really blind if she couldn’t see how good she had it.
I’ll leave you alone if you want.” “Actually that’s ok. You can stay if you want, but not the others please, they’re a bit hyper.” She laughed and nodded, coming to sit next to him on the couch. “So why did she leave you? I’m sorry, that’s not my business,” she caught herself. “No, it’s fine. Um, she just said it was too hard. You know, we weren’t seeing enough of each other.” “Oh, she didn’t come on tour with you guys?” “No, she did. But she said it was different.” “Hmm. Well, maybe when you get home she’ll regain her senses.” He smiled. “Hey, a smile!” He laughed. “Wow, laughing too! I must be magic!” “I’m glad Tom brought you back here. He really needs a girl. Why don’t you
get off with him a bit?” “What?!?!” She was shocked and disgusted. And she was sad that he didn’t want her for himself. “Come on, we’re only here one night, he obviously really likes you, I think it would make him really happy.” “Can you excuse me for a second?” she asked, leaving the room.
When she came out, Tom was leaning against the wall, waiting for her. “Hey,” he said. “Hi…” “What’s the matter?” “Um… he told me I should uh.. I should have sex with you, said we should “get off” together.I’m just very taken aback… just give me a second.” “Oh, no, no,” he said, touching her arm and shaking his head, “ ‘Get off’ means make out, not have sex. Although either would be fine with me,” he smiled charmingly. She laughed. “Tom, I um.. I’m not one of those girls, I’m not like that… I’m not a groupie.” “I
know,” he said. “I’m just having a bit of fun with you. Really though, you’re quite tidy, um sorry, more British slang… How would you put it? Hot, you’re quite hot, and I’m only here tonight, so I would like to get to know you in whatever way you’ll let me.” “Thank you.” She was shocked at her luck, a famous, very talented lead-singer wanted her. She felt like it would be wrong to tell him she wasn’t interested, but she didn’t know if she really was. The idea of it was certainly exciting, but if she had met Tom at school, or on the street, would she have any interest in him at all? Was she only attracted to his persona? “Would you sing something to me?” she asked suddenly, surprising even herself. “I just sang to you for two hours,” he said softly with a slow laugh. “Yes of course I will. Whatever you want.” He sang her “She Has No Time” and “Allemagne.” Shari had her eyes closed after he finished, “Wow. You have the most
beautiful voice I’ve ever heard,” she said. “Thank you very much,” he said. “It’s amazing. It’s so angelic. The sounds you make, I think that’s what heaven sounds
like.” “Well thank you, that’s the most poetic compliment I’ve ever recieved.” Tim came to get Tom and said they were going to the Roxy. He asked Shari if she and her friends would like to come, and of course, they agreed.
They were playing some German techno and even Richard started having fun. Shari approached him slowly and started dancing near him. In a few moments he was
grabbing her hips and they were grinding. She was ecstatic to be rubbing against his body and he seemed cheered up. She was back to hoping for his attention and his affection. Now that she had his attention, it was time to get him interested. She worked her hips around in the sexiest ways possible, trying to lure him in. However, he let go of her after the song was over and walked away like it meant nothing to him. And Tom was there to scoop her up off the ground. “Fancy a dance?” he asked. She needed to get her confidence back up so she consented, slipping into Tom’s arms. He
felt good, very warm and comfortable. He was having so much fun with her that they continued to dance for many hours. Tom’s sweaty face smiled at Shari like they had been friends for ages. He put his arms around her as they walked to the bar. “You want something to drink?” he asked. “Cajun martini,” she said. “Never heard of it,” he said. “What’s in that?” “Well gin of course, jalapenos, chilis, vermouth syrup and ice.” “Bloody hell, you’re crazy!” he exclaimed. “Probably, we’ll see. I’ve never had it before. But I am feeling a little crazy tonight.” “Brilliant,” he whispered, sliding his hand across her hip. Shari sniffed her drink and cautiously sipped it. “Mmm,” she hummed. She
took a bigger sip, then another. Soon, her mouth was on fire. Tom gave her his pint and rushed off to get some milk or water. He came back with neither. “They
don’t serve any milk or water. Sorry.” “It’s okay, that was really sweet of you though, thanks. Oh man,” she said, leaning against the wall. “God, that’s hot!
My mouth is killing me!!!” Tom thought she was so gorgeous even now and she was in pain, so he felt he needed to help her, he had to do something. And she kept talking about her mouth which he was already mesmerized by. “Even my lips burn,” she said. Tom was close enough already, so he took her fiery lips in his and kissed away the pain, slipping his soft tongue into her hot mouth and massaging the burn away with
sweet saliva and gentle motions. He held her warm face in his cool hands and finished aleviating the ache. Then he slid his lips back over hers and drew away
slightly, smiling and stroking her cheek. “Feel better?” he asked. She nodded, in a daze. She didn’t know why, but she came back to his lips for a few more kisses. “Come outside with me,” he asked. “Kay.” He took her hand and led her up the steps to the roof. “Wow, this is really cool,” she said. “Yeah, it’s pretty brill.” “Brill… that’s so cute,” she twined her fingers in his and started swinging her hand back and forth. “Really? Alright, what else have we got? Uh.. I think you’re very fit and dishy and you’re a jolly
good kisser, so give us a bell next time you’re going to a knees up or if you’d fancy some how’s your father.” She kissed him long and seductively slow. “I know what how’s your father means, and you’re a bit dishy yourself, darling,” she said, imitating his accent. He smiled that same fun loving smile and said, “You still taste like that drink.” “Oh, God, I’m sorry,” she said, putting her hand to her mouth. He
removed it, placing it on his back, and pressed his lips to hers once more. “I don’t really mind,” he said, “Let’s go see if the others are having as much fun as the pair of us.” They went back downstairs, waist in hand, and found their friends sitting at a
table with finished drinks. “You guys hungry?” Tim asked. “You wanna hit a pub?” They all agreed and found a nearly empty one down the street where no one
would recognize the boys. They ordered burgers and fries and pints all around of course. “Just like home,” Tim said, sitting down at the table. Tom smiled at Shari while he sat there with his arm around her, like he was her close and comfortable boyfriend, and said, “I think it’s a bit better actually.” “You guys are so British!”Julia said. “A bit? Actually?” Shari laughed, “Isn’t it hot?” she said with mock secrecy and her friends nodded. “I like your accent too,” Tom said. “This is real cool,” he said in a bad American accent. “Aw, don’t talk like that,” Shari said. “Don’t ruin it. The Britishness is so charming.” He chuckled. “Is that it? Well that’s brilliant since the Britishness won’t ever go away really. The success might, the money might, but the Britishness, that I
can always give you.” “Don’t worry, I don’t want you for your success or money. I want you for you and your voice, and for this,” she kissed him. “Aw, get a room!” someone at the table said. “No, you’re not interested in Tom at all!” Julia said. “Ha, Richard my ass.” Shari hit her slightly drunk friend on the arm. Richard looked up from his pint with surprise and Tom’s smile faded a little into hurt confusion and panic. He tried to laugh it off, “Richard?” he asked her. “Yeah, he was my favorite band member.” “She wants to bang him,” Julia said, and got kicked under the table. “No, I did have a crush on him before… before tonight.” “Oh,” Tom said slowly, Well as long as I’m your favorite part of Keane right now.” “You’re my favorite person right now,” she said romantically, making his heart jump and his eyes smile at her. He held her tighter.
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